What Butterfly is That?

Identification? This isn’t the site for you. Try some of the following, or share your preferred sites with everyone here:

The Aurelian’s Favourite Sites for European Species

There are some great sites for European species, most with extended series of images which make the sites more useful for identification than printed books. One of the first places The Aurelian turns to is Matt Rowlings’ fine euroButterflies site. He’s managed to photograph around 90% of the 440 species from Europe.


Another very comprehensive site is Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa, by Mazzi, Morel and Panfili. A bit old now, but the early stages are well-covered as well as the adult insects. Moths too, if that’s your thing.

Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa

If you’re in France, or you know your species is represented there, this site is worth a visit. It also contains an interesting strategy for differentiating the many Pyrgus species, but is again restricted to those found in France.

Butterflies of France

Moving Further Afield

Two good sites for Turkey. A great area for photographing many species which are rare in Europe, but much commoner here.

Kelebek Turk

(In Turkish, but start with “Turler” which means “Family” from the home page, from there it’s pretty self-explanatory.)

And Butterflies of Turkey, which complements Kelebek Turk, but is a bit harder to get around.

Wingscales has a good selection of Butterflies of Thailand. With almost 2000 species in the country, many of these are also found throughout southern Asia, from India to Singapore and Indonesia. And then there’s Khew SK’s remarkable blog, butterfly circle, which is well worth a browse even if you never plan to go to Singapore


Go straight to the site of The Aurelian’s good friend, Martin Purvis, who at last count had photographed 310 species in Australia. He’s also the only person The Aurelian has ever met from Northampton.

Australian Butterflies